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Food safety risk assessment system

Main risks

  • Physical hazards

    raw material         
    Equipment, tools and instruments
    noncompliance with GMP  
    Maliciously putting in

  • Microbial hazards

    swelling due to noncompliance with GMP in sterilization
    products decay and go bad
    pathogenic bacteria pollution

  • Chemical hazards

    Additives quantity exceeding the prescribed limit
    Pesticide residues and heavy metal pollution
    illegal additive
    Other food pollutants

  • Other hazards

    allergen cross contamination
    GMO contamination
    irradiation treatment

new product development, safety first

  • Sod production system

  • on-line monitoring

  • frequent inspections

  • inspection of the finished products

  • continuous enhancement

  • our mission and vision

    We always focus our attention on food safety, product quality & customer needs!

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